We’ve heard it over and over again through the years. “This is the digital age. Who still uses print media advertising in 2019?”

Companies who know what they’re doing, that’s who.

4 of 5 small business owners agree: print advertising is not dead—the rise of digital advertising hasn’t replaced it. It merely changed the rules about how print advertising should be used.

So, to share with you some of these new rules, we’ve written you this guide. In this article, you’ll find several different types of print advertising that are still worth your money.

Done right, print advertising works with your digital marketing efforts to give your brand maximum reach. And, depending on your type and location of business, print advertising may be even more effective than digital marketing.

So don’t shoot yourself in the foot putting all your eggs in the digital marketing basket. Try these 8 tried and true print advertising techniques.

1. Direct Mail Marketing: Ads/Newsletters

Direct mail marketing remains the most popular and successful type of print media marketing still today. Direct mail marketing has so many advantages digital ads will never have.

It lets you target locals directly. You know for absolute certain that the recipients live in relevant proximity to your business.

Best of all, DMM ads are tangible; your audience will touch it and hold it in their hands. Depending on the ad, they could even smell or hear it. Affecting multiple senses makes your message more memorable.

They’re harder to get rid of than digital ads. To get rid of a DMM ad, one has to read it to see what it is, then physically throw it out. With DMM, there’s a better chance your message will be read than with digital ads.

2. Business Cards

This print advertising staple is one of the oldest there is and will never cease to be useful. A hundred of your business cards can fit in one pocket. No other print ad can make this boast.

All your relevant, higher-up employees can hand these out in almost any situation. Just like that, you now have a small army of brand ambassadors. Besides, business cards cost almost nothing compared to other types of advertising.

3. Brochures

Brochures are like specifically-targeted business cards that take a little more effort to put out. Because brochures are more detailed than business cards, they’re very effective for targeting a certain audience or showcasing a specific product or service.

Your lobby should have a number of brochures highlighting the benefits of the many services you have to offer. You can also find many local businesses that will display your brochures to their customers, like airports and hotels. These work far better than flyers.

4. Billboards

Not every business benefits from billboards, but some do very much. Highway billboards work best for businesses relevant to travelers, like gas stations, hotels, and fast food. They’re also good for non-location-specific businesses, like counseling hotlines.

Other businesses often benefit from billboards in town. This is especially true of radio stations since those who see the ad from their car can tune in immediately.

But other local businesses, including auto shops, car dealers, grocery stores, and restaurants, attract business with billboards every day. Businesses like these have lots of local competition that is very comparable to their own. Local billboards help them get their “head above the crowd,” so to speak.

5. Banners/Signs

Sometimes companies lose business simply because they’ve “gone stale” in the public’s eyes. That is, they’ve forgotten to make things fresh, fun, and exciting for their customers once in a while. A business that never does anything new makes potential customers yawn and turn away.

Furthermore, sometimes there are new things happening at a company that their customers don’t notice because their signage always looks the same. That’s where banners and other promotional signs come in.

Perhaps you have new promotions and events all the time. But, if you don’t update with fresh, exciting signage often enough, your customers will miss them. If something is a big deal to you, use signs to make it a big deal to your customers, too.

6. Newspapers

Ads in the local paper are a great way to reach your community, especially when it involves sales and promotions. For a lot of people, coupons and sale info are the only reason they even look at the local paper. That means thousands of locals in your community are specifically hoping to find your ad in the paper.

For the sake of your business, you should always have at least one coupon in the local paper every time it comes out. That way, locals know they can always find your coupon there.

Even if they never use it, this repetition is excellent for boosting brand awareness. It also shows your brand is reliable, forming a positive brand association in the mind of every local who looks at the paper.

7. Magazines

Magazine ads are like a one-page brochure for whatever you desire to advertise. Like DMM ads, they’re a great way to make your ads tangible; you can even include the scent of your new perfume fragrance. (They should also include a coupon.)

And they’re even harder to get rid of because they’re stuck in the subscription copy of the recipient’s favorite magazine. Plus, there’s most likely half an article stuck on the back of your ad. This interruption also makes your ad hard to ignore and thus likely to be seen.

Furthermore, magazines tend to stay in the recipient’s home for quite some time. Therefore, magazine ads are likely to stay in your audiences’ homes longer than other types of print ads.

8. Local Sponsorships

Boost awareness of your brand and your company image at the same time with local sponsoring. Donate to a school and print your ad in their newsletter. Pay for their team’s uniforms and set up a banner at their football game.

Find any noble cause you can sponsor and they’ll gladly give you a shout-out Everyone wins!

Are you using print media marketing yet? Now you know why you should.

Don’t miss out on the awesome benefits of print media marketing. Add these successful types of print advertising to your marketing efforts.

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