Finding new customers isn’t always the easiest task, especially if you’re a new or small business. Direct mail advertising is a great way to get the word out there about your business. 

In the beginning, direct mail advertisements may seem expensive but if they work as they should, then they will draw in plenty of business that can offset the cost. There are many companies who take advantage of direct mail marketing and benefit greatly from it. 

Keep reading for ten helpful tips on what you need to know when developing a successful direct mail campaign and how it can boost your sales. 

1. Get a Specific List

Before sending out your direct mail advertisements to just anyone, try to get a list to send to the people who could potentially be interested in you. You need to be able to target your audience with your flyers and blindly sending them out may cost you more than help you. 

Don’t get scammed by companies who claim they’re selling lists because they could all be false leads and you’d be wasting your money. There are reliable companies that will walk you through how to find your niche so you can get the best leads. You can even request a quote from Bonita Print Shop so they can help curate a list just for you and your business. 

2. Make Your Offers Personal

Direct mailing advertisements will do much better if you use messages that are relevant to the person you’re sending them to. You need to get to know your clients and see what they like. When you send them advertisements through the mail you need to tailor it to what they like. 

Your direct mail marketing will be a hit as long as you’re sending the right thing to your customers. Try to keep as much data as possible so you can learn more and more about what your customers’ likes and needs are. 

3. Make Your Direct Mail Look Good

When planning out your direct mail flyer you will want it to look as pleasing to the eye as possible. Using a print shop for your direct mail is an easy and efficient way to get your advertisements to people’s front door. They do all the hard work for you. 

Bonita Print Shop will create your direct mail and even get it to the post office for you. They can even help you to create a list of who to send your direct mail advertisements to. 

4. Make Your Direct Mail Effective

Having a good direct mail flyer will target your audience with your benefits and features. You need to show and tell with your flyers about both the benefits and features of a product. 

You will also need a call to action on your direct mail advertisements. This is something that will get people to go to your business or even check out your website. Motivating people to use your goods are services should be your number one goal when creating direct mail marketing. 

5. Add Value for Potential Customers

Essentially, when sending out direct mail you will be wasting your time and money if you don’t offer your potential customers some sort of sale, rebate or bonus. People want to save money and when they feel like they’re saving money they will want to utilize your goods or services more.

To make sure you’re making money you can put this savings for only a specific amount of time. 

6. Offer a Premium Service

A great way to get more customers through your direct mail campaigns is to offer an exclusive premium service that goes above the standard service. If people feel like they are getting a deal, then they’re more likely to use your business. The premium service can help to bring in more money for you and your business. 

7. Put Yourself In Your Customers’ Shoes

Make sure to put yourself in your customers’ shoes before you create and send out your direct mail advertisements. You need to think about how your customers will react to your material and if it is strong enough to persuade them. 

A great way to do this is to run your marketing ideas by family, friends, co-worker’s or even people on the street. You can see their reactions and if it would be good enough to send to people in the mail. 

8. Use Both Email and Direct Mail Marketing

There are many different ways to get advertisement out about your company and you should try to utilize as much as possible. Sending direct mail and emails to potential customers is a great way to reinforce what you’re trying to tell them. 

A good idea for this is to send direct mail around the same time you send the email so they will see both forms of marketing. This could have a greater impact on them using your company’s goods or services.

9. Run a Test First

You can try your direct mail flyers with a small group of potential clients and see if you’re able to make money from this group. If this first batch of direct mail doesn’t take off, then you may need to rethink your direct mail marketing. 

10. Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Just because you send one direct mail flyer to someone doesn’t mean they will immediately go to your for goods or services. You will more than likely need to follow up with potential customers. 

You can follow up with a postcard or brochure to potential customers. Try and make this as personal as possible. The more comfortable people are with your advertisements, the more likely they are to want to utilize your business. 

Direct Mail Services

Overall, direct mail marketing works best when you pair it with other forms of marketing and tailor it to fit your audience. You want to send them something that will persuade them to use your company’s goods and services. 

Using Bonita Print Shop can help you handle all of the difficult stuff when it comes to direct mail advertisements. They do it all for you and help to bring you more sales revenue. 

Now that you’ve learned all of the benefits of direct mail advertisements, you should contact us todayand see what we can do for you.