Direct Mail

Enhance how your customers engage and interact with direct mail. Bonita Print Shop offers the finest direct mail services in Bonita Springs and all of Southwest Florida. We help you promote best practices for combining direct mail with mobile technology and highlighting new products and other modern mailing methods.

Traditional & EDDM 
Yes, we can mail that!  

We offer two different types of mailings

Direct Mail Service


This is the direct mailing service that everyone is familiar with, here’s how it works:
  1. Print collateral is created. This can either be envelopes, postcards, magazines, etc.
  2. Customers provide a mailing list or we can generate one tailored to your criteria.
  3. Mailing lists are run through the NCOALink (National Change of Address) which verifies and updates all information to ensure your list is as accurate as possible.
  4. Addresses are printed, envelopes are stuffed, postage is applied and they’re off to the post office.

Postage is discounted by addressing, barcoding, sorting, etc. which takes most of the leg work away from the post office. First class rates are roughly $0.39 each and pre-sort standard is roughly $0.24 each. Pre-sort offers the same service as first class just with a few extra days added.


Direct Mail Services

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

EDDM is a relatively new direct mailing program offered by USPS. It is becoming more and more popular. Here’s how it works:
  1. Print collateral is created. This can either be envelopes, postcards, magazines, etc.
  2. We handle direct mailing services or teach the customer how to do them.
  3. Forms are generated, mail pieces are bundled and they’re off to the post office.
When we handle mailing, we can do it a few different ways to best suit you.
  • Customers will inform us of certain communities that they would like to hit.
  • Customers inform us they have a certain budget and they would like as many mailing go to a certain area.
  • Customers will tell us they would like to completely saturate a zip code.
>Benefits include:
  • Reduced postage (only $0.191 each).
  • Larger postcards & mail pieces with no need to keep a large area open for addressing, barcodes, etc. 
  • No need to purchase mailing lists.
  • No need to pay for addressing, NCOA, stuffing, etc.