Did you know the average person keeps promotional products for about eight months? That’s a lot longer than an Internet ad campaign or a print advertisement in a monthly magazine.

There’s a reason custom promotional products have become a multi-billion-dollar business. The simple reason is that they work.

Consumers love getting promotional products. They’re also more likely to remember the names of the companies who handed out a pen or a baseball cap.

The question for you is less about whether you should use promotional products. It’s more about which promotional products you should be offering to your customers.

Read on to learn more. 

Ground Rules for Choosing Custom Promotional Products

You should keep a few things in mind as you choose the best products for your company.

First, customers love useful items. You can hand them something fun or whimsical, but if it’s not useful, it’s more likely to end up in the trash can.

That’s why tote bags and pens are so popular. People use these items, so they hang on to them longer.

Next, think about your target audience. Not everyone wants to wear a hat with a logo on it. Offering umbrellas to your customers in Nevada may not go over so well.

Finally, think about surprising and delighting your customers. Everyone offers pens because they’re cheap promotional items. If you offer your customers something different, you’ll stand out in the crowd.

With those ground rules in mind, it’s time to check out the list of most popular items.

People Love Drinkware

How many coffee mugs do you have in your cupboard at home? Now think about the stash of mugs you have at the office.

Drinkware is popular because it’s useful to people. You can almost never have too many mugs or glasses on hand. It’s also an item that can be used over and over again.

Businesses love promotional drinkware too because it’s cost-effective to produce. You can also get creative with your designs to make unique mugs that support a specific campaign.

Don’t forget about promotional drink bottles either. People may take these items to the gym or anywhere else they go.

Tote Bags Are a Tried-and-True Choice

If you’re attending a conference or trade show, hand out a custom-printed tote bag to everyone who stops by your booth.

Tote bags are a great choice for the trade show floor. People may be picking up samples and brochures. The tote gives them a handy place to stash their swag.

They walk off happy, and you get some free advertising as they walk around the show.

Tote bags are also built to last, so your customers will be able to use them long after the show ends.

Hand out Branded Desk Accessories

The promotional pen is a time-tested item, which is why businesses still use it as a promo product. They’re easy to produce, and everyone needs a pen sometimes.

If you really want to impress your customers, though, think about going beyond the pen. A mini-stapler with your logo gives your customers something they haven’t received from other businesses.

Calendars, rulers, notepads, and even calculators are other ideas to consider. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Desktop accessories are a great choice because they have more staying power. Your customers are more likely to keep these items for upwards of a year. Since most of these items make their way to the office, you’ll find that they can be an effective form of advertising too.

Wow with a Branded Umbrella

As mentioned, the branded umbrella may not be a hit with your clientele in a desert. It can be a smart promotional item to hand out in many places.

First of all, your customers don’t expect to be handed a promotional umbrella. You can probably count the number of times you’ve been handed one. Now compare that to all the times you’ve received a pen or t-shirt.

Next, the umbrella actually provides you with plenty of retail. You can print your logo, add a design, or even include information about your website or a slogan. Umbrellas are available in plenty of colors too.

Finally, umbrellas are useful and likely to be kept longer than any other promo item. On rainy days for the next few months, you may see your promotional umbrellas popping up all over your town.

Health Promotion Items

Another popular category of custom promotional products is health-related items. If you’re not in the healthcare or wellness industry, you may not have thought of these types of products.

Any company can hand out a pack of tissues or a branded bottle of hand sanitizer though. In fact, at a big trade show or conference, your customers will probably thank you!

Customers Love Technology Too

If you’re not a tech firm, you may not have thought about handing your customers a power bank or a USB key. These items are appropriate for just about any business today.

That’s because your customers will use them. Most people say they’ll keep a branded power bank precisely because it’s useful. Headphones, USB keys, and screen cleaners are all great options your customers will appreciate.

Apparel Is Still a Standby

Few people want to wear a branded t-shirt, although some will still take the promotional shirt. If you want to give out branded t-shirts, think about how to make them unique and beautiful.

Apparel isn’t limited to shirts, though. Think about hats and caps. Even gloves can be given that branded treatment.

Build Your Brand the Right Way

The hardest part of creating custom promotional products is staying within your budget. With so many great options for promo products, it’s hard to choose just one or two items to hand out to your customers. Pick something unique and useful, and you won’t go wrong.

For everything else, from design to printing, get in touch with the experts. We can help you design the perfect promotion to compliment an ad campaign or to say “thank you” to your customers.